T he real work of therapy, in many ways, begins when you leave the counseling session and go about your day-to-day life. For that reason, while we are committed to providing you with the best in-office mental health care possible, we want that care to extend far beyond the therapy room for you. 

We offer several resources here on this website to enhance your treatment experience and help you keep the momentum going.

Our blog offers up-to-date insights from our therapists along with news related to your mental health needs. If you need reminders of some of the tools discussed in session, there’s a good chance you will find them here.

Our bookstore consists of a selection of readings that we personally recommend frequently to our clients. The links will take you directly to Amazon where you can conveniently purchase the books through our Amazon Affiliate account, which also generates a small percentage of income for our practice.

The handouts section provides easy access to a plethora of free readings and worksheets that we frequently recommend and use in therapy sessions. You can download them as PDF files directly from here. Please take the opportunity to explore these resources and check back often as we continue to update the information.


Practical tips, therapeutic ideas, mental health information and news 


Recommended readings on relevant topics straight from your therapist



Easy access to all our therapy materials to enhance your counseling experience

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