Individual Therapy

T herapy, at it’s very best, is about tapping into a natural process of change that could occur without the help of a professional. In that sense, there’s nothing magical or mystical about the counseling process.

We all experience times when stress is increased, our ability to function is diminished, and mental health issues express themselves. When natural change doesn’t seem to be taking hold, it may be wise to engage in therapy to gain practical skills and jumpstart your momentum.

Our therapists realize the value of personal agency and natural change and will help guide you toward self-reliance rather than fostering a dependence on therapy. Our goal is to help you identify and tap into your own natural strengths in the service of resolving the difficulties you are experiencing.

Our independently contracted, licensed therapists are seasoned professionals, each bringing several years of experience helping people to resolve a wide variety of counseling issues. With multiple, varied backgrounds we are comfortable working with a diversity of experience, lifestyle, and culture.

How Individual Therapy Works

We have found that working within a strengths-based, solution-focused framework allows for therapy to be more effective and, often, more brief. Our strengths-based therapists understand that each person who enters our office brings with them, not only the issue they would like to see change, but also a wealth of personal strengths.

Common Issues

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Substance Abuse, Alcoholism
  • ADHD
  • Trauma, PTSD
  • Grief, Loss, Bereavement
  • Sexual, Physical, Emotional Abuse
  • Low Self-Esteem

Our solution-focused approach to therapy means we spend less time mired in the problem-saturated past so that we can build reliable solutions based on the small yet significant successes that may already be occurring in your life.

 We take your strengths and potential solutions into account from the initial appointment all the way through to the completion of therapy. All aspects of therapy – including what issues will be addressed, goals for therapy, frequency of appointments, etc – are decided upon collaboratively between you and your counselor.




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Our highly qualified, licensed therapists have over 20 years experience helping individuals and families.

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