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We are a strength-based, solution-focused therapy center in Elmhurst, IL. We help struggling couples, frustrated parents, disillusioned teens, and others resolve a wide variety of behavioral, mental health, and family issues. Our treatment philosophy adheres to the idea that therapy can often be brief when focused on solutions and strengths. Our independently contracted, licensed therapists have several years of experience working with adults, adolescents, and children.



All of our contracted therapists are fully licensed with several years of experience. We are ready to help you navigate the challenges you are facing. You can reach us by email or call us directly at 630-492-0404. We are happy to answer any questions you have about getting started and to schedule an appointment with you.  

New Prairie Counseling Center is committed to your privacy. When emailing, please do not include any information related to your personal health that you feel is confidential or private. This form is for general questions or messages for our licensed therapists.

We make every effort to respond within 24 hours (M-F). If you are in an emergency, please call 911.



Kids Need Convincing

Kids Need Convincing

Children, just like any other human beings, are often self-determining, self-willed, even self-ish. According to child development theory, this self-centeredness is normal, appropriate, and hard-wired until midway through the school-age years. As parents who want to...

Parenting After Divorce

Parenting After Divorce

Divorce is never painless and is rarely a simple process. The practical and emotional difficulties faced, however, are compounded when there are children involved. Parenting after a divorce can be described as trying to share what you treasure most with someone you no...



This three-letter word, so small yet so powerful, is among those most often expressed in my counseling office. This little word comes in many forms. Why did this happen to me? Why is he like that? Why did she do that? Why won’t he change? Why can’t I change? Why am I...

Doubt After a Marriage Crisis

Doubt After a Marriage Crisis

When a couple goes through a significant crisis, such as one partner having an affair or even struggling with an addiction, the breach of trust in the relationship can be devastating. Trying to pick up the pieces and heal the marriage, you can...

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Our highly qualified, licensed therapists have over 20 years experience helping individuals and families.

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