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N ew Prairie Counseling Center offers individual, couples, and family therapy. We realize it’s not always easy to know which one is right for you. As an adult struggling with depression or anxiety, for example, you may want to meet with a therapist individually. However, you may also find it useful to bring in your spouse or another family member from time to time. When working with kids and adolescents, we often want to involve parents in the therapy process so they can be as equipped as possible to intervene effectively at home. Even in working with couples, there are times when it is important for each partner to meet with a therapist individually to enhance the effectiveness of couples’ therapy.

With years of experience helping people make such decisions, our therapists can help you comfortably navigate those questions and help identify the right path for you. Our approach to therapy is collaborative, strengths-based, and solution focused. We really take it to heart that everyone walking through our doors brings with them a host of strengths and assets and we respect your autonomy in making health-related decisions about your care. 

Individual Therapy

Therapy, at it’s very best, is about tapping into a natural process of change that could occur without the help of a professional. In that sense, there’s nothing magical or mystical about the counseling process. We all experience times when stress is increased, our ability to function is diminished, and mental health issues express themselves. When natural change doesn’t seem to be taking hold, it may be wise to engage in therapy to gain practical skills and jumpstart your momentum…

Couples Therapy

When a relationship isn’t going well it’s easy to become discouraged. At times couples may even wonder if the relationship is really meant to be. Even the happiest, healthiest couples find that love takes hard work. Important marriage research in recent decades clearly shows that success has less to do with finding the ‘perfect match’ and everything to do with having the skills needed to traverse the rough waters of relationship conflicts. Our couples work is guided by this up-to-date research, utilizing reliable, effective tools to help you get things back on track…

Family Therapy

Whether it’s your child’s behavioral issues, an impending divorce, the effects of mental illness or substance abuse, or just your garden variety interpersonal conflicts, family problems are hard. Getting multiple family members actively engaged in therapy is important not because they’re all part of the problem, but because they can be part of the solution. However, to be stakeholders in the process they must be heard and understood. Many families are surprised at how effective and satisfying this form of counseling can be…



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