Couples Therapy

When a relationship isn’t going well it’s easy for one or both partners to become discouraged. At times couples may even wonder if the relationship is really meant to be. Even the happiest, healthiest of couples will admit that a satisfying relationship often takes hard work.

Important marriage research over the past few decades has clearly shown that relationship success has little to do with finding the ‘perfect match’ and everything to do with having the skills needed to navigate the core differences that we inevitably bring into our relationships.

Our couples therapy work is guided by this up-to-date research and utilizes reliable, effective tools to help you get your relationship back on track.

How Couples Therapy Works

Typically, the best case scenario occurs when both members of the relationship are willing to come in for therapy. This generally allows for the most effective resolution of problems. However, many people worry that coming in to talk together will only stir up conflict. 

Common Issues

  • Arguing & chronic disagreements
  • Infidelity
  • Differing parenting styles
  • Disagreements about money
  • Abusive behaviors
  • Explosive anger

Because of this, we make ever effort to create a comfortable atmosphere in which we can collaborate with you to identify and reach constructive goals.

It’s essential that both people feel like their complaints and desires are heard, and taken into account in order to be a stakeholder in the process of restoring the relationship.

However, if one person is not willing to come in for therapy, there are still options for the person seeking professional input on their marriage or relationship. 

Often, you have more potential to influence positive change in the relationship than you might realize. Meeting one-on-one with a therapist can provide viable solutions that will make a difference. Whether meeting with one or both members of a relationship, the well-researched materials that we use can often make a lasting, positive impact on that relationship.



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