Couples in Conflict

There are many reasons for couples to seek counseling. Some couples are looking for help with day-to-day gridlock. They’re frustrated with the perpetual disagreements they seem to return to again and again. These may include differences over parenting, finances, plans for the future, or other difficult issues. For others it may be deep hurts left over from past events that they just can’t get past. Still others find themselves at a crossroads, confronted with more intense fighting, an affair, separation, or even the threat of divorce.

Common Issues

  • Chronic disagreements 
  • Intense arguing
  • Differences over parenting
  • Tension over finances
  • Infidelity
  • Diminished sexual intimacy
  • Emotional distance
  • Abusive behaviors
When Couples in Conflict Seek Counseling

It’s never an easy decision to seek the help of a professional. It’s often difficult to know if or when to bring in an outsider’s perspective. Whatever state you find your relationship in, from moderately contentious to all-out-war, there’s a good chance that couples therapy can offer some valuable tools. The earlier you access those tools the more likely you can use them to prevent further problems.

Our couples counseling is rooted in the work of Dr. John Gottman, who has conducted over 40 years of solid research into what makes relationships last. The evidence-based tools that come from Gottman’s work include several essential skills that you can use to break out of old patterns and develop new habits that are predictive of relationship success.

Healing Your Relationship

As you gain experience using these tools outside of therapy sessions you will be able to work through betrayals, repair old hurts, manage conflicts in ways that strengthen your relationship instead of damaging it, and build shared dreams for the future.

Common Skills Learned in Couples Counseling 

  • How to stand up for yourself without leaving your partner feeling pushed down
  • How to respond more effectively when your partner is not treating you well
  • The habits that successful couples use in times of disagreement
  • How to have healing, stress-reducing conversations about past hurts and present stresses
  • How to successfully repair damage both during and after an argument
  • How to divorce-proof your marriage

Regardless of how far off track things have gotten in your relationship, the sooner you get help the better. Our therapists have extensive experience working with couples who are going through a wide variety of problems, and generating solutions that will make a difference. Call us today.

Common Outcomes

  • Improved communication
  • Deeper emotional connections
  • Better conflict management
  • More productive arguments
  • Increased admiration and affection
  • Enhanced intimacy and closeness
  • Increased trust


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