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family therapy worksWhen parents are concerned about a child or other family member, it is often helpful to work with more than just that individual. Family members are often in a position to be an active and important part of the solution. However, for family members to be stake-holders in the therapy process, they must feel heard and understood. Many families are surprised at how effective and satisfying this form of therapy can be, especially for resolving conflicts and problems that seemed to be stuck in gridlock. Our therapists have extensive experience in working with families to resolve a wide variety of family issues.

Common Issues

  • Behavior problems in children & teens
  • Substance abuse & eating disorders
  • Parenting before, during, & after a divorce
  • Adolescent depression & anxiety
  • ADHD
  • Domestic abuse/ violence

How Family Therapy Works

Sometimes people¬†know which family members they want involved in therapy. Others are not sure. Some parents, for example, want to be present during their child’s therapy sessions, while others want their teenager to have a private place to work through issues. We work collaboratively with you to decide what the best arrangement is for your family. That could mean solely meeting with one individual, always meeting with the whole family, or even splitting counseling sessions among family members. When working with multiple family members we take into account each person’s goals for therapy, even when they might differ from one another. We also take into account the confidentiality needs of everyone involved in order to ensure a safe environment in which to reach the solutions you’re after.

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Our highly qualified, licensed therapists have over 20 years experience helping individuals and families.

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